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5.0 star rating
A quaint BYO on the edge of Phoenixville, right next door to Bluebird Distillery.  For those who are familiar, it's in the same building that formerly housed Marley's.  Decor has not really changed; rustic interior, but still nice.  Closed front-porch, hidden outside eating area, and plenty of seats in the main dining room.  Private party room as well, off to the side.
Food here is amazing!  They primarily serve small plates, supposedly have a rotating menu (I've been here only once, so I can't really speak to it), and cover appetizers, smaller tapas-style plates, and small plate entrees.  We had the fresh bread, four of the pasta dishes, and the slow-cooked hangar steak.  All of it was absolutely amazing!  The bread is decent, and quite light.  The pasta dishes were absolutely delicious, from the tagliatelle to the ravioli.  We accompanied those with another pesto gnocci-style dish and ramen noodles.  Those were both delicious as well!  The final course for both of us was the slow-cooked hangar steak, which was incredibly tender and flavorful.  Served with two onion rings and mashed potatoes.  The onion ring was a bit difficult to eat; very light batter fell apart.  But the potatoes were amazing.  Further, they were more than accommodating with a dairy allergy with a member of our party.  They came back with a menu that showed which dishes could be had and with what adjustments, and were more than willing to help out.  Service was prompt and friendly.
Not much else to say, this place is just absolutely amazing!  Go give it a shot!  Plus, it's right on the edge of Phoenixville's downtown area, and there's a large parking lot kitty-corner to the restaurant.  Makes parking easy, which is not always the case in Phoenixville.


Open Table
Dined on April 6, 2019
Overall 5 Food 5 Service 4 Ambience 5 Value

The house bread, the ravioli, the ramen, the cauliflower and the hangar steak are perfect--with the hangar steak being something you'll never forget. The playlist sets the perfect tone and sitting on the porch is so relaxing.